Small gestures can have big impacts



Well, it’s been four months since I started my blog and as anyone who has been down this path will tell you – it ain’t easy!

For me the hardest part is dealing with the frustration (and at times disappointment) that comes from having a head full of ideas for my blog but lacking the time and (if I’m honest) confidence to turn them into something I can share with my readers.

So much so, that for the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about closing my blog down and walking away from it.

Sounds a bit dramatic, I know, but I have a habit of starting what I think are really good ideas at the time, then losing patience with them before they can fully bloom . . .

My mouse cursor has hovered over the “are you sure you want to delete this website” button a few times lately while I’ve struggled with the decision of whether to go on.

Then, out of the blue, I got a shot of much-needed encouragement. It’s funny how a small gesture of kindness or a friendly pat on the back at the right time can make a big difference.

Earlier this week a fellow blogger sent me a message. It read: “Hi, I was recently nominated for a pass-it-forward style Blogging Recognition Award, and I have nominated your blog in response. There is no pressure to follow up on it – I just thought I’d share my enjoyment of your blog with others.”

Now this isn’t a big award, it isn’t even really an award in the true sense of the word at all. But it meant a lot. To know that someone else thinks what I am doing is worth recommending to their readers is a big deal to me. And ultimately, it’s probably given me that little boost needed to keep pushing ahead and make my vision for grow it, catch it make it come true.

So I’d like to say thanks to beingadaisy for nominating me and I highly recommend you check out her blog Everything but the kitchen sink. Like myself, she blogs as a way to hone her writing skills. Her posts about her life and thoughts are full of personality and are written in a relaxed, conversational-style that makes you feel like you are spending time with a close friend. Writing with your own, unique voice is a talent – and she has certainly found hers.

Back to the award.

I wasn’t quite sure what the Blogging Recognition Award was, so I followed a link back to the blog where it originated, called the Eve of Night. No doubt the concept is designed to drive traffic back to this site, but it’s a clever and harmless way of doing it. Directing your readers to other bloggers you admire makes the blogosphere go round, so I’m happy to do my bit.

Part of accepting the award is to pass on some tips about blogging. I’m only new to this, but something I have learnt is the importance of forming friendships with other bloggers. Their support by following your blog, commenting on your posts or even just giving you the odd like is invaluable.

Make sure you return the favour when someone takes time out of their day to give you a compliment. Also, discover as many new blogs as you can each week and when you find something you like, spread the news.

The more you help others, the more others will help you.

The last part of accepting this award is to pass it on to some fellow bloggers who you think deserve recognition.

For this I nominate:


Food by Camilla

Homemade with mess

Foreign sanctuary

The bliss magnet

Check them out when you get a chance; they are all great bloggers.















  1. Travelosio

    Thanks Justin for the nomination. I am flattered! 🙂

    As I remember, you were among the first to follow me when I was just beginning. I could say that you are part of my blog’s journey. I am grateful to have formed some sort of friendship with you.

    I love your blog so much that I had bookmarked it my computer. Your blog had awaken the foodie in me. 😀

    And oh, don’t you dare delete your blog!


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  3. Eve Estelle

    Hey there, Justin!

    I see I’m quite late on finding this post, but I still wanted to comment and give you my congrats. 🙂 It’s nice to see that this “award” is still floating around out there, and I’m glad you were one of those who received it. Stories like yours are why I made that little pass-it-forward thing. It’s your basic chain letter. But it’s a chain letter with a good purpose, and I love, love, love when something so small can give someone the boost they need to keep going.

    I know just how you feel when it comes to confidence. After a while, you sort of get.. I guess more self-conscious, maybe? Makes it harder to publish those new ideas. But it’s something you just have to fight through, and it really is worth it to do that. You’re obviously still going, so I hope things are going easier for you now!

    Also, I’ll be honest and say that I do get a bit of traffic from this – it’s a very nice bonus, lol.. But passing on the link to the original post on my site also allows me to find posts such as yours here. When someone visits my blog, I can then visit the post that redirected them. It’s really nice to be able to read all of the stories that people share.

    Congrats to you once again, and thank you for participating. 🙂

    Wish you all the best!


  4. endangeredlight

    I’m really glad to see that you did not let your blog go! I can tell you have a passion for what you do and it paints every word you share with your readers. :-). Keep sharing that passion because it’s truly contagious! Congratulations on the award, Justin! Hope 2016 hits you with all kinds of inspiration! By the way…I LOVE your blog! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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